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American Food 2.0, World Expo 2015

May 1 - October 31, 2015

Location: Milan, Italy

From May 1 to October 31, 2015, the United States of America will join in welcoming more than 20 million visitors to Expo Milano 2015. For the first time in the history of world’s fairs, the theme of Expo Milano is food: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” This theme will unite 140-plus countries into action around the challenges and opportunities facing our global food system and the sustainable development of our planet.

Expo Milano 2015 is the world’s largest stage to foster dialogue, aggregate ideas, and showcase innovations in food, sustainability, science, industry, economics, entrepreneurship and other elements at the core of American culture.

DuPont is a sponsoring partner of the USA Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015. For more information, visit

World Food Prize 2014 Borlaug Dialogue

Oct. 15 - 17, 2014

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

On Wed., Oct 15, the World Food Prize convenes its 2014 Borlaug Dialogue, an international symposium that brings together leaders from around the world in Des Moines, Iowa. This year, the Dialogue is addressing, The Greatest Challenge in Human History: Can We Sustainably Feed the 9 Billion People on Our Planet by Year 2050?

The 2014 Borlaug Centennial Laureate is Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Taking stock of where we currently stand in meeting the “greatest challenge in human history”;
  • Closing yield gaps while addressing pressing water, gender and nutrition challenges and disparities;
  • The role of information technology and data to increase productivity, conserve the environment, adapt to climate volatility and consumer needs, and improve the lives of farmers and other participants along the value chain;
  • Sustainable intensification to improve productivity with a special focus on soils and fertilizers;
  • Innovations in insurance and agrofinancing;
  • And the role of the next generation in the fight against hunger through the DialogueNEXT conversation that features young innovators and thought leaders who are contributing new ideas, concepts and achievements toward this goal.

A highlight on Thursday, Oct. 16, is the awarding of the 40 Chances Fellowships – the special initiative announced at the 2013 Borlaug Dialogue with former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Howard G. Buffett – to four young innovators under the age of 40, who will each receive $150,000 in start-up funds to implement market and social entrepreneurship projects to confront hunger, poverty and conflict in Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

2014 Global Food Security Index Relaunch & DuPont Turkey Sustainable Agriculture & Food Summit

May 28, 2014

Location: The Marmara Esma Sultan
Istanbul, Turkey

The DuPont Turkey Sustainable Agriculture & Food Summit will focus on food security, the role of sustainable agriculture, and innovative food and nutrition solutions. The event will also feature a special report from The Economist Intelligence Unit on its refreshed Global Food Security Index.

Spotlight on Food Security: Fortifying Australia’s Role in Asia Food Security

March 11, 2014

Location: National Press Club
Barton ACT 2600, Australia

This DuPont Australia sponsored food security forum will feature the launch of ground-breaking new research from the Economist Intelligence Unit and its Global Food Security Index. The forum will include a panel discussion featuring key figures from policy / political, agricultural, food, trade and economic sectors.

IFAMA 2014 – The Road to 2050, The Talent Factor

June 17 - 19, 2014

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The 23rd Annual International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) World Forum and Symposium focused on how to develop and sustain talent across the diverse value chain of global food production – from smallholder farmers in emerging regions of the world to the sophisticated commercial agriculture practices in mature economies. A who’s who of agriculture examined the technologies and talent development approaches that have the potential to propel Agribusiness towards the achievement of global food security. DuPont is pleased to be a sponsor of the event. To learn more about the conference visit,

IFPRI 2020 Conference – Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security

May 15 - 17, 2014

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IPFRI) 2020 Policy Consultation & Conference will bring together policymakers, practitioners, and scholars to discuss how resilience can be strengthened for food and nutrition security. The conference will:

  • Articulate an intellectual framework for resilience;
  • Identify key emerging shocks that pose the biggest threats to food and nutrition security, where resilience needs to be significantly strengthened;
  • Assess experiences through case studies and draw out lessons from programs, policies, institutions, and investments around the world;
  • Identify key approaches and tools to build resilience to shocks;
  • Set priorities for action by different actors and in different regions; and
  • Identify knowledge and action gaps in research, policy, and programming that need to be met or scaled up in order to successfully build resilience to food and nutrition insecurity.

To learn more about the conference visit:

World Economic Forum on Africa

May 7 - 9, 2014

Location: Transcorp Hilton Abuja Hotel
Abuja, Nigeria, Africa

As the foremost gathering on the continent, the 24th World Economic Forum on Africa will bring together regional and global leaders to discuss innovative structural reforms and investments that can sustain the continent’s growth while creating jobs and prosperity for all its citizens. DuPont is pleased to be a strategic partner for the event. To learn more visit,

FFA National Convention


Borlaug International Symposium, World Food Prize


Global Food Security Index 2013 Relaunch


Location: Santiago, Chile,

International Food and Agribusiness Management Forum & Symposium

06/16/13 - 06/20/13

Location: Atlanta, GA

Come visit DuPont at the 23rd annual International Food and Agribusiness Management Forum & Symposium (IFAMA) event in Atanta, GA.

On Wednesday, June 19th, tune into: “Achieving Food Security” a keynote address by Jim Borel, Executive Vice President, DuPont. This event will be live-streamed at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Also on June 19th attend:

Global Food Security Index Workshop

Led by the Economist Intelligence Unit

2:15 p.m. ET, Wednesday, June 19

The Economist Intelligence Unit will conduct an interactive workshop to explore the Global Food Security Index (, a unique tool sponsored by DuPont, that considers the underlying drivers of food security in 105 countries worldwide.  Leo Abruzzese, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s  editorial director, will present an overview of the Global Food Security Index model and demonstrate to participants ways in which the model can be used in their own work and research. Conference registration required to attend.


2012 Borlaug Dialogue

10/17/2012 - 10/19/2012

Location: Des Moines Marriott Downtown Hotel
Des Moines, Iowa

Partnerships & Priorities: Transforming the Global Food Security Agenda

With the pressing environmental and demographic challenges facing a hungry world, we have seen a growing push toward international collaboration between institutions, disciplines, public and private sectors and countries. The 2012 Borlaug Dialogue will highlight the role of partnerships and their importance in confronting hunger challenges by driving forward cutting edge research and application at the intersection of science, education and enterprise.

The “Partnerships and Priorities” theme will ask several critical questions:

  • What are some of the lessons learned from past partnerships?
  • Where do we want to be and how do we best leverage partnerships to get there?
  • How is the traditional food security agenda being transformed with new models of collaboration around the world?

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 17, this three-day dialogue will address the questions above. For the full agenda, schedule of events and a list of speakers, please click here.

Iowa Hunger Summit


Location: Des Moines, Iowa

The Iowa Hunger Summit seeks to gather leaders from across Iowa representing community organizations, business and industry, state and local government, social agencies, churches and religious communities, schools and universities, and other individuals and groups that lead or participate in projects to confront hunger.

This event is held annually and includes the official World Food Prize Laureate Award Ceremony as well as a Borlaug dialogue international symposium bringing increased awareness and attention to the issues of global food security, agriculture and science. Learn More.

The Global Food Security Index’s Price Adjustment Factor Unveiling


Location: World Food Prize (Teleconference)
Des Moines, Iowa

Join DuPont, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and special guest speakers for the unveiling of a new tool to assess the impact of food price shocks at the nation level. On Wednesday, Oct. 17, an expert panel will discuss the findings of the Price Adjustment Factor, an interactive tool that presents a new level of insight into the potential impact of food price fluctuations on the ability to address food security at the local level. Commissioned by DuPont and created by the EIU, the Price Adjustment Factor of the Global Food Security Index captures the impact of changing food prices and other macroeconomic considerations over time in 105 countries, on a country by country basis.

Please join the forum via teleconference on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from
8:00 – 9:00 a.m. CDT. Use this information below to access the call.

  • Toll free number for callers within the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico: (877) 941-8269
  • Conference ID: 4570696
  • If your country is not listed in the grid below, please use the U.S. caller paid number: (480) 629-9799.
Country Number Country Number
Belgium 0800-50-931 India 000-800-100-6662
Brazil 0800-892-1701 Mexico 001-888-425-5213
Chile 1230-020-9278 Netherlands 0800-265-8531
China North 10800-744-0044 Peru 0800-54-019
China South 10800-440-0044 Russia 495-580-9532
Denmark 80-88-54-85 South Africa 0800-991-274
Ethiopia 32-2290-1610 United Kingdom 0800-358-5269


2012 ASEAN Media Forum

Location: The Ritz-Carlton

Food Ingredients India

09/06/12 - 09/07/12

Location: Mumbai, India

Food Ingredients India 2012 brings together thousands of food and beverage suppliers and manufacturers. The conference will highlight industry developments, innovations and critical issues, featuring speakers from leading manufacturers, ingredients suppliers and research organizations. Learn more. 

Food Ingredients China

03/28/12 - 03/30/12

Location: Shanghai, China

The largest international food additives and ingredients industry show in Asia, Food Ingredients China will have over 1,000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. Learn More. 

Staying Focused on the Challenge of Food Security

Guest post, from Jim Borel, DuPont executive vice president

DuPont Executive Vice President Jim Borel, moderated a workshop, "Achieving Impact Through Agriculture Partnerships," at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Photo courtesy of the World Economic Forum.
DuPont Executive Vice President Jim Borel, moderated a workshop, “Achieving Impact Through Agriculture Partnerships,” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Photo courtesy of the World Economic Forum.


At the start of every year, business, government and civil leaders from around the globe convene in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum meeting. It is a great time to take the pulse on key issues and trends and to plan for the future.

It was heartening to see that food and agriculture took a prominent place throughout much of the 2015 proceedings – a clear acknowledgment that food security stands as a top priority as we march toward the middle of this century.

Partnerships and Collaborations are Working

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) New Vision for Agriculture initiative has provided a unique global platform to build alignment and collaboration among all stakeholders. Initiated in 2009, it now engages over 350 organizations from the private sector, government, international organizations, civil society, research and academia, and farmers’ associations.

The initiative has catalyzed a series of unique, high-impact partnerships – including Grow Africa, Grow Asia, and emerging initiatives in India and Mexico – that are driving action to achieve food security and sustainable agricultural growth in 16 countries. These partnerships have helped mobilize over $10 billion in investment commitments, of which over $1.2 billion has been implemented to date, benefiting more than 3.6 million farmers.

These achievements demonstrate how the global community can support countries in reaching their national goals for sustainable agricultural growth, while contributing to both global food security and the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

DuPont is one of 32 global, private-sector companies that champion the New Vision for Agriculture. We are pleased to see the partnership continue to inspire action and collaboration – such as our work with the government of Ethiopia and USAID to help improve maize productivity and storage. For us, working toward common goals with other stakeholders makes business sense while also contributing to societal needs. One of our initial goals with this partnership was to improve the livelihood of 35,000 smallholder farmers. Our outcomes have been so successful that we are now working on plans to expand to 100,000 farmers in Ethiopia. And, in partnership with USAID, we are expanding to other Africa countries with a model that appears both scalable and replicable.

New Goals are being Established

The Millennium Development Goals, established around the beginning of this century, have allowed us to make great progress in reducing poverty and hunger. The next round of goals, the Sustainable Development Goals, will take us to the next level as we strive to increase food productivity and nutritional value of food in a way that addresses environmental threats such as climate, water and land use. We are confident that meaningful progress against this next round of goals will make a significant contribution to ensuring food and nutrition security.

Challenges Remain, but Optimism Continues

For all of our collective progress, significant challenges remain – the growing population, the flight to urban centers, severe weather patterns. Despite these challenges, I am optimistic about our future. Technology and innovation will help guide us to solutions we may never have even dreamed of. Collective will, focus and partnership will bring the best thinking and execution needed to deliver a food-and-nutrition-secure future for our children and grandchildren.


Rio+20: Be Bold, With Speed, At Scale

Innovation and collaboration to create the future we want was the overarching theme at the Corporate Sustainability Forum, led by the UN Global Compact as a lead up to the official Rio+20 Conference.

There was real excitement and optimism about the major commitment that companies were making – many in collaboration with other companies, governments, and NGOs.  There were over a 100 sessions addressing everything from agriculture and food to energy and climate, water and ecosystems to urbanization and cities.  Clearly all of these areas intersect, but in each area there were unique focuses that allowed participants to dive into more details on the challenges and opportunities.

In the agriculture and food security sessions, discussions focused on what is meant and ultimately how we can intensify production sustainably at all levels, from the small holder to large farms.  Challenges were iterated:  land ownership, lack of extension services, engaging youth to choose farming as a career, protecting biodiversity and other ecosystem services, waste generation in transport, storage, and by consumers, diets and nutrition.  Solutions were proposed and discussed:  drip irrigation, expanding of extension services with “train the trainer” initiatives, companies working directly at farm level to improve their supply chains, the right technology for the right location including seeds, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals, and infrastructure development to name just a few.  Many noted that we cannot have a sustainable world if we don’t have a sustainable agriculture sector, which reinforced the need to find the examples that are working and to learn from what hasn’t worked so well.

The Business Action for Sustainable Development, a collation of organizations including the WBCSD, ICC, UN Global Compact, and CropLife, followed up with an all-day session focused on scaling up – developing big commitments and then have the willingness to implement.  In other words – Be Bold, With Speed, at Scale.  It looks like there will be an outcome document from the Rio+20 process.  Some will conclude that it doesn’t go far enough and others will be concerned that it has gone too far.  Either way, there will be an ongoing official process that will look at moving the world towards a green economy with sustainable development goals.  In the meantime, the private sector is challenged to come out of Rio ready to implement all the commitments we made and prove that the business of “business” is sustainable business.

Dawn Rittenhouse and others at Rio+20 2012

– by Dawn Rittenhouse

Dawn Rittenhouse is Director, Sustainabilty for the DuPont Company.  She joined DuPont in 1980 and has held positions in Technical Service, Sales, Marketing, and Product Management within the Packaging and Industrial Polymers business and Crop Protection businesses.   In late 1997, she began working in the corporate organization to assist DuPont businesses in integrating sustainability strategies into their strategy and business management processes.  She leads DuPont’s efforts at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the United Nations Global Compact.   Dawn has a double major in Chemistry and Economics from Duke University.

DuPont Sponsors EIU Food Security Index

The United Nations reports we are living in a world that produces enough food for everyone on this planet, yet food security remains one of the world’s biggest unsolved issues. This global challenge is complex and will require the commitment, collaboration and intelligence from many different stakeholders. Now, more than ever, it has become abundantly clear how interconnected and vulnerable the world’s food system is. We need a way to measure the link between food economics and food security.

On May 18, at the Chicago Council’s Annual Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security in Washington, D.C., DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman announced sponsorship of an innovative Global Food Security Index being developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This unique tool will help us evaluate the many facets of food security and pinpoint specific vulnerabilities around the world. The index will look at metrics related to the affordability, accessibility, availability, nutritional value and safety of food in 105 countries.

To put an end to hunger, it’s clear we must all work together. The EIU’s comprehensive and dynamic index is a resource that will provide a common language for academic, private and public sector entities to make informed decisions about food security. I look forward to sharing more information about the Food Security Index when it launches on July 10.

– Jim Borel, Executive Vice President, DuPont