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Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day, held annually on October 5th, celebrates teachers around the world. Established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994, this day is dedicated to supporting teachers globally by providing adequate training, ongoing professional development, and protection for teachers’ rights.

Earlier this year, DuPont set three sizable goals to help world hunger and ensure food security.  One of these goals addresses engaging and educating youth. By the end of 2020, DuPont plans to facilitate 2 million engagements with young people around the world to help provide innovative, science-based solutions to one of the world’s most critical challenges.

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Global Food Security Index Introduced in India

On Sept. 26th 2012, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Food Security Index was launched in India. Jim Borel, Executive Vice President at DuPont, Rajeev Vaidya, President of South Asia, DuPont and Pratibha Thaker, Regional Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), led the launch discussions in New Delhi with 150 people from government, public policy think tanks, food and agriculture industry, academia and media.  The featured guest panel member was Professor Abhijit Sen, member of the Planning Commission, Government of India, who discussed the latest findings from the Index and provided additional insights about regional issues.

The EIU Global Food Security Index, commissioned by DuPont, is the first-of-its–kind, dynamic scoring tool which examines food security comprehensively across three internationally established dimensions of food security: availability, affordability and quality/safety.  During the launch event, Rajeev Vaidya stated that the index was created to promote “a common language for the public discourse on food security as well as [to] generate local insights and collaboration across the food value chain.”

Professor Abhijit Sen, member of the Planning Commission for the Government of India discusses the food security index

The GFSI ranks India in the “moderate” category of 66th among 105 countries, citing its high political stability as the primary driver of its first place rank in food availability within South Asia.  While the country is a regional leader in food affordability, the EIU’s analysis indicates that the nation’s lack of a diverse diet and low protein quality constrain India’s score in food quality and safety. With India expected to be the most populous country in the world by 2025, ensuring that enough healthy, nutritious food is available for people everywhere is one of the most critical challenges that the country faces.  DuPont Executive Vice President Jim Borel summed up the event stating, “solutions must be local… It will take all of us working collaboratively to ensure that every person has enough nutritious food to eat.”

DuPont’s Commitment to Food Security in Africa

Malnutrition is a significant threat to children around the world who do not have proper access to nutritious food.  In fact, the World Health Organization claims that malnutrition is the world’s greatest threat to public health.  This condition starves the body’s ability to repair itself and greatly increases the risk of infection and disease.  According to a report by UNICEF, almost 20 million children under the age of five suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which accounts for over one million deaths in children each year.  To address this major global crisis, DuPont is working with UNICEF to feed malnourished children in countries like Sudan with “Ready-to-Eat Therapeutic Food”.  This high-protein peanut-based paste does not require water and is delivered in a ready-to-use packet.  Made with DuPont emulsifier technology that prevents oiling to provide a longer product shelf life, UNICEF has delivered ready-to-use food to hundreds of thousands of children in Sudan and other countries around the world.


To find out more about DuPont’s commitments to food security in the African continent as well as around the world, take a look at the Infographic below or by visiting this web page.


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