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Food security discussed at the Indiana State Fair

Jim Borel, DuPont executive vice president, took the stage at the DuPont Food Pavilion earlier today at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. Borel’s address focused on food security and farming.

Jim_onstage_2014_02“Thank you to Indiana farmers,” said Borel. “Thank you for helping us address food security at all levels here in Indiana and around the world.”

Borel continued, “I feel optimistic because of the energy and passion young people bring to agriculture.”

DuPont has set sizable goals to help end world hunger and ensure food security that are achievable by 2020. Learn more about the goals online.

Sustainable Food Security Solutions – the Global Food Security Index

GFSI RefreshAs a part of our commitment to food and nutrition security, DuPont commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to develop a comprehensive measurement tool that addresses the need for specific metrics to illustrate what food security looks like at the local level – country by country and globally.

Since its launch in 2012, the Global Food Security Index has been updated annually, allowing for year-over-year comparisons. Our hope is that the comprehensive and unique information available in this tool will help inform decision making that leads to sustainable solutions. Visit the website to download the model and start your inquiry now.

Collaborative Efforts Address Food Security at the Local Level

GFSI RefreshAlthough science provides answers that can be applied universally, DuPont’s experience shows that solutions must be found at the local level to help people improve their lives and livelihoods.

In the video below, learn about a collaborative effort that helped provide valuable nutritional assistance to a population enduring difficult conditions. To view additional videos about DuPont and food and nutrition security, visit the DuPont YouTube channel.

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