Sustainability in Food

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Food Security Index

DuPont has commissioned the Global Food Security Index, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, measuring the drivers of food security in 109 countries.

At the 2012 G8 Summit on Advancing Food and Nutrition Security Symposium at the Chicago Council, DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman stated,“We need a clear metric that enables us to see, transparently and objectively, what we’re up against…Governments, private and public sector entities need a common language to discuss the root cause of hunger so they can make better informed decisions that drive sustainable action at a local level.”

We hope is that this index becomes a tool for promoting collaboration, generating insights and stimulating action to feed a growing global population. We hope that policymakers, businesses, NGOs, academics and farmers will use this tool for research, planning and collective action.

There are a number of elements that make this index unique. Most notably:

  • It employs an adjustment factor for food price fluctuations to recalibrate the risks countries face through the course of the year, and
  • It assesses the countries most and least vulnerable to food insecurity through categories of affordability, availability, nutritional quality and food safety.

DuPont continues to leverage our science and the energy of our people to help address a number of global challenges. Many of our businesses are contributing to the issue of feeding a growing population and the strain that places on our planet. These include our agriculture and nutrition businesses, but also our food protection, packaging and biosciences businesses as well.

Learn more about the index and access all the data from it on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s web page here: