Sustainability in Food

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A Science to Feeding the World

The consequences of hunger and malnutrition are so devastating, so multi-faceted, that no one country, let alone one company, has all the answers. That is why DuPont is committed to collaborating with others – NGOs, governments, academia and industries – and by working locally with farmers from Kenya to Mexico to the Ukraine to address their unique challenges.

In 2012, DuPont set sizeable goals to help end world hunger and ensure food security that are achievable by the end of 2020.  DuPont has measured progress for two years and reported its findings in the 2014 DuPont Sustainability Report.

Progress Reported on the DuPont Food Security Goals

Innovating to feed the world. DuPont has committed $10 billion to R&D, and the introduction of 4,000 new products by the end of 2020. Through 2013, DuPont invested more than $2.49 billion in R&D and introduced more than 1,700 new products. The work centers on developing innovations that will produce more food, enhance nutritional value, improve agriculture sustainability, boost food safety, extend food freshness and reduce waste.

Engaging and educating youth. By the end of 2020, DuPont will have facilitated 2 million youth engagements around the world, transferring knowledge of sustainable food and agriculture and its impact on a growing population. Through 2013, DuPont worked with 1.2 million youth, from a collaboration with 4-H in Africa to educate and encourage future farmers to promoting safe farming practices through interactive programs and computer donation for Brazilian third and fourth graders.

Improving rural communitiesDuPont is working to improve the livelihoods of at least 3 million farmers and their rural communities by the end of 2020. Through 2013, DuPont directly touched more than 374,000 farmers to help improve their success and strengthen agricultural systems. An example is a partnership with the Government of Ethiopia and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to improve maize productivity and raise income through agronomic training, improved inputs, and greater access to credit, markets and grain storage. This is in addition to the work already being done to enhance the lives of hundreds of millions of famers through DuPont’s normal business practices.

Through these goals, DuPont is accountable for providing innovative, science-based solutions to one of the world’s most critical challenges.

Read our fact sheet to learn more and view the impact of our work across the globe in the videos below.


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