A Journey Through the Packaging Revolution

June 10 - 11
Location: Milan, Italy

51_daysA DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers Event at Expo 2015

One of the biggest global challenges is food security: ensuring people around the world have enough food to enjoy healthy and active lifestyles. Feeding the world’s current population of 7 billion+ people sustainably is tough enough. But when you consider the need to feed an estimated 9 billion people by 2050 with the same finite world resources – the challenge becomes enormuous.

The global food packaging industry is well positioned to prevent food losses and waste by protecting food, extending perishable shelf life and enabling portion control and efficient dosage. The goal is to do this affordably while lowering the overall environmental impact. The industry is primarily – but not exclusively – focused on reducing the nearly 500 million tonnes of food waste than occurs downstream, where food is processed and distributed through the retailer to the consumer.

As with all the tasks we take on at DuPont, we believe we can go a long way in solving food security issues with science. We also believe it is essential to work closely with customers on packaging solutions to reduce food waste and it is imperative to bring together individuals and organizations that have the expertise, resources and passion to reduce food waste. These collaborations will transform scientific innovation into new ways to protect food and reduce waste.

To create a collaboration platform and to foster knowledge exchange, we created a seminar with our collaboration partners as a part of our 2015 Expo Milano Food Security Journey. The speakers and their topics are listed below.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit – Stefano Scuratti, Senior Research Analyst
    “Global Food Security Index 2015 Findings”
  • Plastics Europe – Patricia Vangheluwe, Director, Consumer & Environmental Affairs
    “Flexible Packaging: The Current and Future EU Legislative Landscape”
  • Creaholic – Elmar Mock, Managing Partner
    “Creative Innovation Process”
  • United Nations Representative
    “Food Security Challenges in Emerging Regions”
  • Major Global Consumer Brand Representative
    “Food Security Challenges in Developed Regions”
  • DuPont – Raymond Palmen, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers Regional Director, EMEA
    “Global Food Security Challenge: Solving it With Science”
  • DuPont – Bernard Rioux, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers Marketing Manager, EMEA
    “Global Collaboratory in Action: Packaging Case Studies Addressing Food Security Challenge”

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