Food security is an incredibly complex issue and we understand that no one company can provide all the answers. It’s only through collaboration that we can unlock the solutions that science provides to help feed the world and ensure sustainable food security.

We’re dedicated to working in concert with farmers, communities, local businesses, governments and non-profits who know the “facts on the ground,” as well as global corporations with specialized expertise to help solve the unique problems posed by a rapidly growing world.

DuPont Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation and Productivity

When the world’s population approached 7 billion in 2010, DuPont convened an Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation & Productivity to explore the issues affecting global food and nutrition security. The Committee includes experts in global agriculture development, science, policy and economics.

  • Thomas Daschle

    Former U.S. Senator Thomas Daschle chairs the Committee and is the Founder and CEO of The Daschle Group. Congressional Profile
  • Jason Clay

    A senior vice president at World Wildlife Fund, Jason Clay has worked closely with environmental and human rights groups.
  • Jo Luck

    Jo Luck is a 2010 World Food Prize laureate and the former president and CEO of Heifer International, who speaks often on food security. Linkedin Profile
  • Ruth K. Oniang'o

    Ruth K. Oniang’o is founder and executive director of Rural Outreach Africa, a non-profit development organization in Nairobi.
  • J.B. Penn

    J.B. Penn is the chief economist of Deere & Company, guiding the company’s policy development and corporate growth initiatives. Linkedin Profile
  • Pedro A. Sanchez

    Pedro Sanchez serves as director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Video Q&A

Committee members share their thoughts as a part of a video Q&A series on addressing the challenges of food security today. New features will be added periodically.

Pedro Sanchez: Contrasting Food Security in Cuba and Africa

Watch the Video

J.B. Penn and Jason Clay - The Impact of Technology on Smallholder Farmers

Watch the Video

Jason Clay - The Intersection of Urbanization and Food Systems

Watch the Video

J.B. Penn - Technology and Smallholder Farmers

Watch the Video

Ruth K. Oniang’o Discusses Women & Sustainable Food Production in Africa

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Our Partners

Others who have joined DuPont to find solutions to ensure sustainable food security.

  • Aspen Institute

    DuPont partners with the Aspen Institute on food security issues, events and research.
  • The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs plays an important role as an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides insight and influences the public discourse on critical global issues.
  • Global Harvest Initiative

    The Global Harvest Initiative aims to sustainably close the global agricultural productivity gap to address hunger and food security.
  • 4-H

    DuPont committed $2 million to sustain efforts by 4-H to engage children and youth in Africa in agriculture.

    DuPont and USAID work closely to increase farmer productivity as well as food and nutrition security.