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100 Days to Milano Expo: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

The countdown is on! We are 100 days away from the opening of Expo Milano 2015 and construction is in full swing. Watch the latest aerial footage from the Expo site:

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is the theme that runs through all the events organized both inside and outside of the exhibition site. In July, construction began on the USA Pavilion, which follows theme, American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet. The pavilion will showcase issues of sustainability, food security, food access, nutrition and waste. DuPont is a sponsoring partner of the USA Pavilion. For more information, visit

East Africa Seminar: Potential for Packaging Innovations to Reduce Food Waste

Trade seminar underlines DuPont initiatives, collaborations and commitment to packaging performance and environmental sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa

African_Packaging_ReducesWaste_02_smAs a world leader in market-driven innovation, DuPont hosted a food packaging seminar in Nairobi, Kenya, in November. Key players participated in the event, providing region-specific customers, as well as new prospects across the food and packaging industry, the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest issues regarding the development of food packaging  in the East African market.

East African economies now number among the fastest growing in the world, with Kenya enjoying a five percent growth in GDP each year. Such wealth translates into a growing middle class, which in turn, alters lifestyle and purchasing habits. In terms of packaged food, this has resulted in double-digit growth in 2013, as this new middle class moves away from traditional, unpackaged food. This evolving, increasingly sophisticated market brings with it new challenges and opportunities – particularly in the field of food packaging.

At the seminar, Lukas Bartek, Sales and Marketing Manager of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers for Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, noted that one third of all global food production is lost or wasted. With the world’s population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, this is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. He noted that the improvement of packaging quality in particular, can play a significant role in preventing the alarmingly high quantity of global food waste.

Simiyu Wamalwa, Competitive Options Ltd speaking at the DuPont Kenya Packaging Seminar

Simiyu Wamalwa, Competitive Options Ltd speaking at the DuPont Kenya Packaging Seminar

Also presenting at the seminar:

The seminar gave participants a chance to exchange opinions about the future of the packaging industry and to have a closer look at the most updated technologies. Watch a video clip featuring the seminar, here.

DuPont has played a major role in providing technology to the packaging film industry around the world. Learn more about the DuPont™ Surlyn® story, here.

Cover_EIU_GFSI 2014_Special report_Food lossThe Economist Intelligence Unit published a special report in conjunction with the release of the 2014 Global Food Security Index, Food loss and its intersection with food security. Find the full report, here.

Packaging’s Contribution to Reducing Food Waste

Each year, one third of the food the world produces is lost or wasted while one in every seven people go to bed hungry every night. Clearly food loss and waste is among the moral, political, economic imperatives laced within Food Security.

Yasmin Siddiqi, DuPont Packaging leader, at PAC Talk

Yasmin Siddiqi, DuPont Packaging leader

From her role as a DuPont Packaging leader, Yasmin Siddiqi offers the industry a provocation – Could we in the packaging industry challenge ourselves to ensure every piece of food packaged can be consumed? And can we do that in a way that is affordable and responsible?

Packaging offers tremendous potential to mitigate food loss and waste by protecting food, extending perishable shelf life and enabling portion control and efficient dosage, but the industry faces many challenges, including consumer perception of packaging and affordability/cost. Focusing on the positive contributions that packaging can make to mitigate this issue and collaborating to find new and affordable packaging solutions will go a long way to making a dent in this global issue.

One Idea

IFilm Pouch Brings Shelf-Stable Milk to Indian India, where 75 percent of milk is collected in an ‘unorganized’ fashion, the risk of buying contaminated or adulterated milk is high. Parakh Agro Industries in India saw an opportunity to develop a low-cost method to package ultra-high temperature (UHT) processed milk in aseptic flexible film pouches. This very affordable, five-layer EVOH solution that incorporates DuPont packaging materials, helps ensure milk stays fresh without refrigeration for 90 days.

This innovation earned a gold award in the 26th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, and Vinay Nalawade, their director of the Packaging Business, said their aim is to ensure nutritious milk can be received in cities and in remote areas across the country.

DuPont Packaging Awards

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industry’s longest-running global, independently judged competition highlighting innovative packaging and collaboration throughout the value chain. Packaging designs are evaluated by a prestigious independent panel of international judges. Initiated in 1986, the award is in its 26th installment. This year saw 200 entries from 31 countries, culminating in 16 winning package designs. Learn more about this award and this year’s winners by watching the following video.

Call for 2015 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

2015 Pack Awards IconDuPont is now accepting entries for the 27th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation program. This is the Packaging industry’s longest running, independently judged competition and it is designed to foster and celebrate packaging innovation around the world. The entry deadline is Feb. 2, 2015, and entry forms are available here.


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