Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture Honors the Legacy of Henry A. Wallace

The statue is unveiled. A quote from Wallace was included in the display: “The establishment of an institute of tropical agriculture is vital … It would serve as a symbol of amity and of the economic and cultural relations between the Americas.”

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), based in San José, Costa Rica, unveiled a commemorative sculpture of Henry A. Wallace, a tribute to his legacy in Latin America.

“Henry Wallace’s impact on the region’s agriculture has transcended generations with the creation of the IICA and CIMMYT (the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center),” says Ricardo Garcia de Alba, DuPont Pioneer Sales & Marketing Manager. “That legacy will be remembered through the wonderful sculpture depicting him, but more importantly, through the billions of bushels of hybrid corn that have been grown by farmers all over the world since Copper Cross, his first commercial hybrid.”

In 1943, during Wallace’s tenure as Vice President of the United States, he traveled to Costa Rica, where he addressed the Congress, proclaiming, “In order to attain freedom from want, the theory of sustained yield and of the free interchange of products between nations, must be accepted and followed without artificial boundaries.”

It was during this visit that the cornerstone for the IICA was laid, aligning with Wallace’s belief that through scientific exchange and free trade, much more can be accomplished for a countries’ farmers and citizens.

Attending the ceremony from DuPont Pioneer: Jeff Nawn, Sandra Pina and Ricardo Garcia de Alba.

“Though he had many jobs throughout his life, at his core Henry Wallace was always one thing–a visionary,” said Jeffrey Nawn, DuPont Pioneer Global Grain Trade Lead, who spoke at the ceremony.  “Driven by curiosity and steadfast ideals, and with little patience for the status quo, Wallace not only saw the world for what it was, but he envisioned the world for how it ought to be.”

Funding for the bust was provided by DuPont Pioneer. The IICA is made up of 34 member states that are focused on the agriculture development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation.

Read more about the IICA and the Wallace connection here.

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