The EIU: Global Decline in Food Security After Four Years of Gains

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI), sponsored by DuPont and developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, is an annual benchmarking index that provides a common framework for understanding the root causes of food insecurity by examining the dynamics of food systems around the world. This framework creates a unique country-level food security measurement tool that addresses the issues of affordability, availability and utilization in 113 countries.

As public-sector investment in agriculture continues to fall across the advanced economies and with political stability risk rising across most regions, the GFSI has recorded a slip in global food security after four years of progressive gains. The downturn was geographically disbursed, and is particularly discouraging given the global commitment to eliminate hunger by 2030 (Sustainable Development Goal 2).

The 2017 GFSI marks the inception of the index’s Natural Resources & Resilience adjustment factor, which demonstrates the impact of climate-related and natural resource risks on overall food security.

Here are additional findings from the 2017 Index, provided by The Economist Intelligence Unit. The full report, Global Food Security Index 2017: Measuring Food Security and the Impact of Resource Risks, and updated model can be found on the GFSI website.

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