DuPont Signs Partnership With Mato Grosso State for Agriculture Research

Researchers from Mato Grosso State University in Brazil will be working with DuPont’s network of scientists to develop innovations in agriculture.

Less than two months after Pedro Taques, State Governor of Mato Grosso, a state in Brazil, visited DuPont Pioneer’s headquarters in Iowa, DuPont signed a partnership with the state that will improve the development of research focused on agriculture.

Augusto Moraes, Government Relations Director at DuPont Brazil, visited Palácio Paiaguás, the headquarters of the  state government, to formalize the agreement, which will strengthen the relationship between the University of the State of Mato Grosso (Unemat) students and North American universities. In addition, Brazilian researchers will become part of a network of scientists working with DuPont Pioneer.

“DuPont Pioneer is committed to Brazil and recognizes Mato Grosso’s potential in agriculture. With our partnership, we will contribute to develop the research in the state,” highlights Moraes.

According to Unemat Director, Ana Di Renzo, the agreement will enable Unemat to further develop agricultural production in the state.

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