New EIU Report: Mekong River Basin Water Security

Today, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released a report that highlights the key challenges facing water security in the Mekong River Basin (MRB) and the current efforts stakeholders in the region are making to confront these challenges.

In Lessons from the Mekong River Basin, sponsored by DuPont and available for download, the EIU outlines the threat new hydropower construction poses to agriculture and fisheries, the risks of urbanization and agricultural run-off pose to water quality, and the likelihood that a changing climate will exacerbate drought and flooding in the region.

While the MRB may be water abundant, failure to address these threats in a collaborative way could result in greater food insecurity and/or increased susceptibility to natural disasters among countries in the region. According to Robert Smith, editor of the report, “The relatively new policy frameworks for ensuring integrated water-resources management and transboundary collaboration are insufficient to confront these challenges.”

Taken together, the report provides an informative case study around the need for effective water governance to minimize the multiple threats water insecurity poses to global social and economic well-being.

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