Krysta Harden Speaks About Collaboration and Innovation in Agriculture

DuPont Vice President of Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer Krysta Harden recently had the opportunity to deliver the keynote address to farmers, ranchers and industry at the Governor’s Forum on Colorado Agriculture.

Speaking about the value of innovation and collaboration in developing a food-secure world, she shared how important it is to listen to all points of view on a topic or issue and not just try to persuade others with words.

Harden explained that the DuPont Biotech Insight Series is an excellent example of how DuPont’s senior leadership team is really trying to listen and engage on tough issues. In 2014, DuPont launched the Biotech Insight Series to explore emerging issues in biotechnology with industry practitioners and experts from outside of agriculture, including diverse fields such as law, ethics, culture and business.

During the Q&A session that followed her remarks, she was asked about the key take-aways from the Biotech Insight Series. Harden said what pleased the DuPont team was how appreciative the non-ag practitioners and experts were that they had been asked to join the discussion. More importantly, they appreciated that DuPont listened to their viewpoints, ideas and experiences. The participants also were pleased to see DuPont upper management taking time to be involved in the discussion.

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