GHI’s Margaret Zeigler: The Agribusiness Case For Climate Leadership

In a recent post for The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Global Food for Thought blog, Dr. Margaret Zeigler, executive director of the Global Harvest Initiative, writes about the agribusiness case for sustainability and climate leadership.

Here’s a snippet from her guest commentary, The Agribusiness Case for Climate Leadership:

Private-sector investment and innovation is providing farmers, ranchers, and forest managers with tools and practices that improve their productivity and allow them to contribute to a low-carbon agriculture system.

They are employing cutting-edge technology to improve livestock productivity while reducing methane emissions. Mechanization companies are developing platforms that enable precision conservation and no-tillage crops systems. Sustainability targets to reduce emissions and the use of energy and freshwater are being implemented by others, too. Some are even building a food-secure world while reducing wasted animal life in the livestock sector, thereby helping to reduce feed, water, and the overall numbers of animals in livestock systems. 

Global agribusinesses are also contributing to a low-carbon agriculture system by changing how they operate and reducing the GHG impact of their products. GHI member companies are setting sustainability goals and carbon-neutral commitments throughout their operations and supply chains. They are also partnering with farmers, ranchers, conservation organizations, and government agencies to improve agricultural productivity and water quality and protect wildlife.  

Read the full post here.

DuPont is a sponsoring member of the Global Harvest Initiative.


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