DuPont’s Doyle Karr Featured in GHI Q&A

Doyle Karr, Director of Biotechnology Public Policy at DuPont is serving as Chair of the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) Board of Directors for 2017.  Recently, he was featured in an interview that appears on the GHI website.  A portion of that interview follows. Find the full post on the GHI website here.

There is a very important relationship between finding solutions to big (and small) problems and regulatory systems around the world. Regulatory systems are key to giving consumers confidence in the health and safety of an innovation and to help protect natural resources and the environment. They also help promote innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

That relationship is so important that a functioning regulatory system can be the determining factor as to whether we’ll bring new technology to a market.

As we think about potential solutions to the challenges that the Global Harvest Initiative helps define, it is good to remember the inter-dependencies between farmer and consumer benefits, innovation and regulatory systems. When I meet with stakeholders, including many critical voices, I like to start with a discussion of both the hopes and the fears of an emerging technology and then talk about how we balance the two.

~ Doyle Karr, DuPont

DuPont is a sponsoring member of the GHI.

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