DuPont Participates in New Partnership to Transform Global Food Systems

DuPont has joined 24 other global companies in a new partnership to make change in global food systems. The new association is called FreSH: the Food Reform for Sustainability and Health program. Its mission is to be “a platform for the private sector to achieve this transformation in a safe and pre-competitive space.”

The new initiative will focus on developing guidelines for healthy and sustainable diets, re-orienting food consumption, improving food sourcing and reducing waste, and working to measure, report on, and communicate about progress. Solutions for these areas will be applied across the entire value spectrum of food, from production to supply chain and consumption.

“Clear science-based targets will help businesses create ambitious yet implementable solutions, which can then be brought forward to guide policy makers to provide the framework for local or global food systems transformation, said Peter Bakker, President and CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, in the launch press release.

FreSH’s ultimate goal is to support healthy, enjoyable diets for all, produced responsibly. The new partnership is a joint project of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the EAT Foundation, and Environmental Resources Management.

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