Krysta Harden Talks About Sustainable Ag at American Farm Bureau Convention

Isabella Chism, AFB Women’s Leadership Committee Vice Chair moderated a panel titled, “United from Farm to Table.” Participating in the panel were Krysta Harden with DuPont, Chuck Studer with John Deere, and John Church with General Mills.

DuPont Pioneer agriculture sustainability efforts were shared at the American Farm Bureau Federation annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona on Jan. 7-8. At the event, Krysta Harden, DuPont Vice President of Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer, participated on a panel discussion titled “United From Farm to Table – Supply Chain Forum.”

Harden’s remarks focused on the importance Pioneer places on helping growers overcome the challenges of farming to be profitable and also sustainable. Examples include meeting the challenge of drought with Pioneer® brand Optimum® AquaMax® corn hybrids and improving input management with EncircaSM services.

In an interview with, Harden said, “What sustainability means to [farmers] is ‘How am I going to stay on this farm? How am I going to make a profit? How am I going to do all the right things, have the right tools to make the right decisions to be able to stay on that farm.’”

Acknowledging that not everyone defines sustainability the same way, Harden emphasized that those who make their living in agriculture have great incentives to care for the land. “We really need to be looking ahead – there’s a bright, bright future for agriculture…,” she said. “The best stewards, I believe, are farmers and ranchers. They want to do the right thing–they are doing the right thing.”

You can learn more about hear audio of Harden’s comments in this news story on the website.

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