New EIU Chart: Access to Financing and Gender

A recently released chart from The Economist Intelligence Unit pulled data from the Global Food Security Index to dig deeper into the impact of  access to financing on a country’s level of food security.

The Index shows a negative correlation between access to farmer financing and the percent of women employed in agriculture, as a percentage of total population of employed women. Women make up a substantial portion of rural, subsistence farmers in lower-income, developing countries. Without appropriate education, skills and financing mechanisms, women in these countries lack the support they need to increase productivity and improve their access to necessary, nutritious food.

eiu_dupont_chart-of-the-month_gender_09-20-2016_websmDeveloped by the EIU and exclusively sponsored by DuPont, the Index is an annual measure of the drivers of food security in 113 countries. Find the full chart in the Resources section of the Index website at


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