Collaboration Is Imperative to Address Food Security Challenge

From left: Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, 2014 World Food Prize winner, Manuel Molano, Rodrigo Aguilera and Juan Vaquer.
From left: Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, 2014 World Food Prize winner, Manuel Molano, Rodrigo Aguilera and Juan Vaquer. Photo credit Grupo Milenio

Public and private sector leaders from Mexico joined to discuss food security challenges in a special forum dedicated to agriculture, named Milenio Foros. Juan Vaquer, President, DuPont Latin America, shared DuPont’s point of view in a panel discussion, emphasizing the company’s commitment to food security. He highlighted how science can help solve challenges and feed the world.

“It is important to build collaboration with businesses, non-profit organizations and governments, as well as work with local farmers and growers,” said Vaquer.

Rodrigo Aguilera, from The Economist Intelligence Unit, was also invited to present insights from the Global Food Security Index, sponsored by DuPont. He presented Mexico´s strengths and weaknesses in the ranking, and year-on-year changes. He also indicated that Mexican public policies need to be focused on increasing productivity.

The round table was moderated by Manuel Molano, General Director of Mexican Competitiveness Institute (IMCO). He drove the discussion that was focused on the need to improve agricultural infrastructure, provision of micronutrients, and Mexican field issues.

Juan Vaquer, President, DuPont Latin America, shares the company’s vision for food security in a thought leadership event in Mexico. Photo credit Grupo Milenio

Vaquer also noted that “… all participants agreed that it is imperative to develop collaborative strategies and implement science-based innovations to address food security challenges.”

Milenio Foros was coordinated by Milenio, one of the leading multimedia groups in Mexico. Around 200 priority stakeholders attended the event, which was broadcasted by and social networks.

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