Enhancing Food Security With CRISPR – Cas Advanced Breeding Technology

DuPont food security initiatives and CRISPR-Cas technology were featured at the recent Global Institute for Food Security, Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. Neal Gutterson, DuPont Pioneer vice president, Research & Development, gave a presentation about the potential of CRISPR-Cas to help bring solutions to food security challenges in the developing world.  Gutterson’s remarks focused on the need for collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, including academics, NGOs and public research institutes to apply the technology across a range of crops and geographies. [Gutterson’s remarks start at about 19:45 mark]

CRISPR-Cas technology is capable of making exact changes to the DNA of most organisms. In plants, this editing capability can be applied to promote drought tolerance and disease resistance to protect plant health and increase crop yields. It also can provide direct consumer benefits like the removal of food allergens and the improvement of the nutrient composition of plant-derived oils.

Learn more DuPont’s partnership with Caribou Biosciences, focused on improving agricultural productivity, here.

Learn about waxy corn, potentially Pioneer’s first commercial agricultural product developed through the CRISPR-Cas breeding technology, here.

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