A Retrospective, Expo Milano 2015

Over 21 million visitors from all over the world experienced Expo Milano 2015. A variety of international organizations and 140 countries made possible a truly global event that followed an inspirational theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

The six-month event brought together a broad array of stakeholders, focused on unique innovations that ensure safe, nutritious and abundant food for the world’s growing population. Additionally, attendees were able to experience local food traditions from many corners of the world without leaving the Expo grounds.

The USA Pavilion, sponsored in part by DuPont, attracted over 6 million visitors. The multi-level, 42 thousand square foot building offered a wall-to-wall, interactive and digital media showcase of information related to sustainability, food security, food access, nutrition and waste.

USA_Pavilion_x250x300During the opening days of the Expo, DuPont convened public and private sector leaders for a forum on how innovation in rural and urban environments can address the global food security challenge. A highlight of the May 19 event was the launch of the 2015 Global Food Security Index, developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit with exclusive sponsorship from DuPont. The Expo proved an ideal stage to re-introduce the Index, a dynamic and universal benchmarking tool that deepens the dialogue on food security by examining the core issues of food affordability, availability and quality and safety in 109 countries.

In the following months, we took the opportunity to continue the important dialogue for food security. DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers held an event highlighting innovations in packaging that reduce food waste and loss. DuPont Crop Protection hosted a corn symposium and a meeting on future trends in agriculture.

As the world continues to face the unprecedented challenge of feeding a growing population, DuPont remains committed to delivering science-based innovation and taking it beyond the lab, into fields and local communities. The Expo Milano 2015 sponsorship provided a setting for sharing those innovations and collaborating with global businesses, NGOs, farmers, governments and attendees.

The Expo came to a close on October 31 but information about the exhibits can still be found online, Expo.org or the USA Pavilion site.

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