DuPont at Expo Milan 2015 – Our A to Z Series

Productivity gains need to be combined with profitability gains, natural resource management with business opportunities, nutritious impact with the ambition to reach scale.  Dr. Wolfgang Jamann, Secretary General and CEO of CARE International.

Inspired by the comments made by Dr. Jamann at the May 19, Expo Milano 2015 event, Food and Agriculture: Rural and Urban Innovation, throughout the Expo we featured a series of posts that looked at food security from a to z. These stories help us understand that solutions to the food security challenge are more likely to come about through combined, holistic strategies.

The features focus on exciting developments in the ways DuPont products and partnerships, as well as those of other organizations, are contributing to food security solutions, such as next-generation materials for packaging, storing and transporting food, along with ingredients that keep food fresh and tasting better longer. We showcased innovations in global science and mobile technologies, and their impact on food security. And finally, we’ll learned how all of these things together spell new opportunities to feed the planet and produce energy for life.

A-Z_graphic_02We’ve pulled a list of the stories together in one list for easy reference.

A – Access Is Crucial for Food Security
In many cases the issue in food security is one of access rather than supply. In other words, there is food in the world; the problem is getting it to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

B – Seeds of Change, Encouraging Best Practices in Agriculture
Turning science into solutions, DuPont Pioneer India collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture for the State of Uttar Pradesh to develop a program that would provide farmers with scientific and practical expertise to help increase yields, productivity and profitability.

C – The Sweetness of Collaboration
Collaboration is a word often used in business, but not often acted upon. At DuPont, it is a key part of our success.

D – DuPont Food Security Solutions
From time to time we are asked why DuPont has taken up the food security challenge.

E – Enzyme Technology Advancing Food Security
Enzymes are proteins that are critical for any living organism, yet are not living organisms themselves.

F – Sustainable Aquaculture Helps Meet a Growing Demand for Salmon
Together AquaChile and DuPont, with support from the World Wildlife Fund, developed a comprehensive and sustainable solution to salmon farming.

G – A Common Language for Understanding the Drivers of Food Security – By creating a global index and providing open access to the data, we believe it will promote conversation and collaboration among all stakeholders across the food value chain, generate insights into how food security can be advanced and stimulate action to feed a growing population.

H – The Global 4H Initiative Focuses on Youth in Agriculture
H takes a look at one of the largest youth development organizations in the world, 4-H.

I – Innovating to Create Food Security Solutions
Lucy Hurst, Associate Director, Custom Research at The Economist Intelligence Unit, provides a snapshot of the new technologies and partnerships paving the way for lasting food security solutions.

J – Innovative Packaging Helps Hard to Reach Populations
DuPont™ Surlyn® has proven to be the ideal material for frangible pouches, making the journey of food supplies to the developing world a little easier.

K – A K for… “Kulture”!
Dairy foods are diverse in nature and the ways they are used by the societies which cherish them. Just take kefir, originally appreciated for enabling milk to last longer and for its superior nutrient profile, it has successfully crossed various food and taste cultures.

L – Working With a Local Perspective
Although science provides answers that can be applied universally, DuPont’s experience shows that solutions must be found at the local level to help people improve their lives and livelihoods.

M – Mobile Technologies Connect Rural Communities With Agriculture Best Practices
Some of the most innovative methods of improving food security come with advances in digital technology

N – More Nutritious and Safe Food With Packaging Innovations
Packaging can help ensure nutritious food reaches remote areas of the world where access to clean water, food and electricity is limited.

O – Oats – Healthy Virtues Often Overlooked
We are highlighting some of the virtues behind one of the healthiest cereals around that you probably ignored – oats.

P – Fulfilling Nutrition Solutions With Plenish®
In addition to developing world-class traits to help soybean plants grow and yield better in the field, DuPont Pioneer scientists were the first to apply innovation to the soybean composition benefiting food companies and consumers, creating Plenish® high-oleic soybeans.

Q – How Do You Measure Food Security Quality?
The Global Food Security Index provides a standardized measurement of food security in 109 countries around the world. We take a closer look at “Q” for quality, to understand the role it plays in food security.

R – Tapping the Potential of Rural Areas
Ukraine is in the spotlight with a program to revitalize rural areas and support the smallholder farmers who live there.

S – Where Athletes and Engines Meet: It’s All About the Fuel
What’s the best diet for an athlete? What should you eat, and what to forget about? How many calories should you take in? It all depends on the effort.

T – Protecting Food With Technology
How technology can meet the growing need for a fast and reliable form of food quality assurance.

U – Urban Gardening
Can urban farming make a difference when it comes to feeding nine billion people?

V – The Future of Farming Is Looking Up
A hard-to-miss feature of the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is the Vertical Farm, which takes up most of one side of the pavilion’s exterior.

X – Sweet Treats That Are Good for Your Teeth
Xylitol, one of today’s lesser known super ingredients.

Y – 4-H Helps Youth Build Dreams – and Achieve Them
The young people of today will be the farmers who will be confronted with the challenge of feeding the world in 2050.

Z – Creating a More Food-Secure Future for Zambia
With plentiful land, lakes and rivers, along with a moderate climate, this region could be the world’s bread basket of the future.

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