Agriculture Career Development for Ukrainian Students

Ag-Careers-Ukraine-infographic_Sep2015DuPont Pioneer University Project supports ag education and recruitment

Launched in 2014, the DuPont Pioneer University Project contributes to the education and development of young Ukrainian students and recent graduates in agriculture.

This project brings young people to the U.S. for in-depth training on seed production, sales and marketing, and research and development.

Through this initiative, and to meet growth plans, Pioneer is supporting talent development while reinforcing a reputation of “employer of choice”. The University Project provides the company with an opportunity to identify future employees aligned with its corporate strategy, culture, and Core Values. This initiative also meets the needs of a changing business environment, which requires a qualified and flexible talent pool.

After participating in two seminars, candidates are then selected to start an 8 – 12 month internship in the U.S. Students may be located in a Pioneer facility in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, California and Ohio.

In 2015, among the sixty young students from all regions of Ukraine, who volunteered to join the program, forty have been selected for the internship.

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