United Arab Emirates, a Melting Pot of Flavors

United Arab Emirates Focus Day at the Milan Expo 2015 is October 20.

Fotolia_UAE_61497144_L_webDid you know that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world?

With a fast-growing population made up of over 200 different nationalities (87 percent are foreigners), the UAE is truly a global melting pot. Located in the Middle East region, it is at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman, and is one of the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) states.

The largest community of expatriates in the UAE comes from South Asia, making a variety of Indian and Pakistani cuisines widely available. Global food favorites from sushi to pizza, and steak to seafood, also feature prominently in the burgeoning restaurant scene.

Emirati cuisine is a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian influences. It includes well-known dishes like shawarma, hummous and tabbouleh, along with lesser-known treats such as chebab, an Emirati pancake flavored with saffron and cardamom. Dates, a traditional symbol of hospitality, remain a very popular food in the Emirates.

Ranked 23rd out of 109 countries on the Global Food Security Index, and second in overall ranking in the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region, the UAE’s strengths include food safety net programs, access to financing for farmers, strong nutritional standards, food safety and a sufficient food supply. The UAE notched an improvement of 2.5 points on the Index in the last three years.

“UAE is raising the bar for food safety standards and paying attention to nutritional and dietary benefits,” said Ghislain Desjardins, General Manager, DuPont UAE. “This is where DuPont can play a key role and leverage its innovative science to help address local challenges with DuPont Nutrition & Health solutions across bakery, dairy, culinary toppings and meat-free sectors.”

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