Ruth K. Oniang’o Op-Ed: With a Little Science, Young People Can Change the World

In conjunction with the week of activities surrounding The World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue and World Food Day, Ruth K. Oniang’o shared an opinion piece about the food security challenges that lie ahead and the opportunities for young people to change the world. Ruth is the founder and executive director of Rural Outreach Africa, a non-profit development organization based in Nairobi and a member of the DuPont Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation and Productivity.

RuthOniango_photo_sq“Children are our future” is a commonly held belief that transcends cultures and borders. It is a sentiment that I am reminded of every day as I watch my own children and grandchildren grow up, and meet with young people throughout Kenya and all over the world.

It is a sentiment made more urgent by the fact that by 2050, we shall have well over 9 billion people to feed on this planet. To meet this food demand in the face of the population, climate, resource, and nutrition challenges, we will need the brightest young minds developing the right transformative and innovative solutions. The next generation of farmers, scientists, academics, policymakers, and entrepreneurs are more critical than ever before.

The World Food Prize has recognised the importance of youth in feeding the world and fostered engagement with young people in food security and agricultural issues through its annual Global Youth Institute held during the Borlaug Dialogue. And, this year, one of the key themes of the Borlaug Dialogue is empowering girls and women in science, maths and technical education.

Read the full opinion piece in The East African and in The Des Moines Register.

Ruth recently shared shared her thoughts on the role women play in advancing sustainable food production in Africa. Watch the video here.

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