Food Security in Poland on the Rise

On September 13, Poland celebrated its National Day at the Expo Milano 2015. The Poland Pavilion was the center of attention with parades, performances and pop star Marika.

GFSI_Poland2015_01Poland receives a lot of attention beyond their Expo presence. The country is often called a success story in Europe, with its dynamic economy and years of uninterrupted growth. Poland’s economy has grown by 33 percent since 2007, compared with two percent for the eurozone. Given the bright economic picture, how is the country’s food security situation looking?

Poland is one of four European countries in which food security has increased according to the latest update of the Global Food Security Index 2015. Poland raised its score by half a point compared to the last year and by a total of 2 points over the last four years. Among the European countries, Poland ranks 17th, just behind the Czech Republic and before Greece. Poland holds the 28th position in the world.

Poland improved its score mainly in the area of access to food. The score rose from 66.3 points last year to 70 points this year. In this category, the country holds the 25th position in the world. In terms of food affordability, Poland lost its 27th position – this year it holds the 28th position despite the fact that the value of this index recorded only a small decrease: it was 78.4 points compared to 78.6 points last year.

In terms of food quality and safety, Poland’s score remained stable. It has been at roughly the same level for four years, but it is slightly lower now and amounts to 75 points (0.7 less than last year). In this category, Poland ranks 27th in the world.

You can find out more and explore Poland’s results in depth on their country page.

For 40 years, DuPont has been cooperating with Polish farmers and the local food industry, ensuring better crops and safe, wholesome food.

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