The Global 4H Initiative Focuses on Youth in Agriculture

In our A – Z series of stories for the Milan Expo 2015, our “H” takes a look at one of the largest youth development organizations in the world, 4-H.

There are independent, country-led 4-H programs are found in more than 50 countries. 4-H is investing in young people today to grow a brighter future. With a rich history grounded in agriculture and a focus on developing skills in leadership and innovation, 4-H is positioned to equip young people with the skills they need to meet the demands of a stressed and crowded planet and develop the solutions that will sustain the human race.

Young people in 4-H will be feeding the people in the world tomorrow. Building on the pilot with Tanzania 4-H, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and DuPont are providing support to strengthen the capacity of country-led 4-H programs in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. Key strategies include to:

  • Build in-country leadership capacities
  • Increase public and private investment in country led 4-H programs through innovative partnerships
  • Establish knowledge systems that will provide 4-H and other organizations with access to high-quality agricultural information and resources.


These institutes will train adults to create sustainable livelihoods and improve household and national food security for people across the continent. Learn more about 4-H around the world here.


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