The Sweetness of Collaboration

From beets and byproducts to bioethanol and betaine, a scan of today’s ABCs of Feeding the planet would lead you to believe B is the letter of the day. Not so : It’s C, for collaboration.

Collaboration is a word often used in business, but not often acted upon. At DuPont, it is a key part of our success. To advance our biotechnical innovation, we have now shown what true collaboration can achieve.

DuPont Industrial BioSciences has been partnering with Tereos at their Origny site in the north of France, to make the best out of their complementary value chains. Tereos produces bioethanol from sugar beet distillation. In turn, DuPont uses the waste from the bioethanol production in a patented distillation process to create betaine, used primarily in animal feed.

With the two companies working together, we have made the Origny site into the biggest sugar beet distillery and the biggest natural betaine production site worldwide.

In the early 1990s, Danisco, acquired by DuPont in 2012, pioneered research in the development of the use of natural betaine in feed. They learned that betaine reduces stress, easing the intestinal digestion of animals and lowering methane emissions, a significant environmental benefit! On top of that, natural betaine is a better value than synthetic alternatives.

“In Europe, we do not invest so often in new production lines,” explains Martin Virot, DuPont France country leader. “This collaboration generated around twenty positions on the Origny site. The global demand has historically exceeded production capabilities, which means there are nice market perspectives for our betaine produced in France under the name Betafin®.”

Local collaboration does indeed help improve our sustainability efforts and address nutritious global food production needs.  Learn more about this story here.

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