Five Questions With Dr. Wolfgang Jamann

Wolfgang JamannDr. Wolfgang Jamann joined CARE in March 2015 as the Secretary General and CEO of CARE International, one of the world’s leading non-governmental humanitarian organizations, based in Geneva, Switzerland.


What message would you like to convey at the Expo Milano 2015 with your approach to the issue of food security?

CARE is putting communities and farmers’ groups at the center of its development efforts. We have committed to helping 50 million poor and vulnerable people – especially women – improve their food and nutrition security by 2020. We do this by focusing on equality, advocating for change, and promoting resilient systems.


What difficulties have you encountered while working for food security?

Food and nutrition security is dependent on so many interlinking factors, which makes it difficult to achieve success by single targeted interventions alone. Productivity gains need to be combined with profitability gains, natural resource management with business opportunities, nutritious impact with the ambition to reach scale. And there are seldom mere technical solutions – hunger, poverty and inequity are closely interlinked.


What new results have you achieved?

CARE is investing in innovations, constantly exploring new methods to make sure the poorest and most vulnerable people have access to the nutritious food and markets they need to feed and care for their families. Innovations range from greater participation and targeting to using e-technology and linking food security up with clean energy approaches.


CARE is known for pioneering the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) model in 1991. What has changed since then?

The VS&L has almost become a trademark of CARE’s interventions in Food Security around the world. It is being combined with more traditional sector approaches (communal gardens, women empowerment) but also with innovations like last mile distribution of clean energy in the form of solar lanterns or cook stoves.


What is the role of women in achieving food security?

CARE has committed to fight gender-based inequity and inequality with a view to empower women and girls in all aspects of development. Their role in agriculture, family health care and nutrition cannot be overstressed – only with an active role of knowledgeable and empowered women, solutions to global hunger and malnutrition can be found.



Dr. Wolfgang Jamann will participate in the Expert Panel at the DuPont Forum on Food and Agriculture: Rural and Urban Innovations at Expo Milano 2015. Follow @DuPontSpotlight for live coverage from the event. 

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