2015 Global Food Security Symposium

Today, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs kicked-off its annual Global Food Security Symposium in Washington, D.C. — drawing hundreds of policymakers, corporate executives, scientists, and senior leaders from international and nongovernmental organizations to discuss the role of the agriculture and food sector in alleviating malnutrition. Malnutrition – from undernourishment to obesity – is a dangerous global challenge that places at serious risk the health of more than two billion people. Global malnutrition is costly – to economies, the environment, social welfare and, of course, human life.

We need a food system revolution that makes a partner of the agriculture and food sector, grows the market for healthy foods, and gives billions more people access to the nutrients they need to thrive.

Paul Schickler, DuPont Pioneer president, speaking on a panel at the 2015 Chicago Council on Global Affairs Global Food Security Symposium.

One of the Symposium panels, Business Models for Advancing Nutrition: How the Private Sector is Moving the Needle on Health, is dedicated to the topic of partnering with business and how the private sector is moving the needle on health. During the panel, Paul Schickler, president, DuPont Pioneer, will speak about how the company is making a real difference at the farm-level to improve the nutritional value and safety of food by leveraging strengths in soil health, seed technology and agronomy. He also stress the importance of prioritizing collaboration, localizing innovation and promoting technology acceptance.

New Report: Leverage the Food System

ReportCover_0The Chicago Council on Global Affairs released a new report this morning, Healthy Food for a Healthy World: Leveraging Agriculture and Food to Improve Global Nutrition. Endorsed by a bipartisan group of senior policy, business, scientific and civil society leaders, the report makes several recommendations, one of which is that government and industry work together to support more efficient and wider delivery of healthy foods, especially through technologies that can reduce food waste and enhance food safety.

Join the conversation

The Chicago Council will live stream of the symposium, beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET. They will also be active on Twitter by following @GlobalAgDev, @ChicagoCouncil and #GlobalAg, and on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/globalagdev.

DuPont is a supporting sponsor of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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