Connecting With Africa’s Future Leaders in Agriculture

Africa Youth Development Program Participants Visit US

In 2011, DuPont committed $2 million to the National 4-H Council for its Leadership Institute and Enterprise Gardens program.  4-H dedicated the funds to helping African youth create sustainable livelihoods and improve household and national food security for people across the continent.  In December 2013, two students and a teacher who participated in the Kenya-based program visited DuPont headquarters in Wilmington, Del., to visit with DuPont leaders and tour the facilities. Read more about their visit.

Investing in Women in Agriculture:Collaboration with African Women In Agricultural Research And Development (AWARD) Organization

Also in December, DuPont Pioneer hosted the first two researchers to benefit from the DuPont collaboration with the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Organization. Previously, DuPont committed to annually host at least two AWARD Fellows in its global laboratories for up to nine months over a four-year period.

The two AWARD Fellows are Felister Mbute Nzuve, from Kenya and Grace Nakabonge, from Uganda. During their two-day visit to Pioneer headquarters in Johnston, Iowa, the Fellows each delivered a presentation focused on their research concentration areas and research attachment experience at DuPont to date.  They also met with key leaders and groups across Pioneer.

AWARD Fellows
Pictured: AWARD Fellows, Grace Nakabonge (left) and Felister Mbute Nzuve (right) with DuPont Pioneer President, Paul Schickler
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