A Food Security Year in Review: Videos

As we continue our look back at 2012, we are re-sharing some of our videos that highlight the DuPont food security story.

Global Food Security Index

This summer, the Economist Intelligence Unit, in partnership with DuPont, launched the Global Food Security Index.  The Index is a tool that is already promoting collaboration, generating insights and stimulating action needed to feed a growing global population. The Index measures vulnerabilities at the root level in more than 100 countries, gauging affordability, availability and nutritional quality and safety. Learn more about the Index and food security in your country.


4-H Planting Seeds of the Future

With support from DuPont, Global 4-H has launched agricultural leadership institutes in five African countries to engage and train youth about agriculture.  Learn how 4-H impacts farming in the United States and abroad.


At DuPont, we’re putting science to work to improve the nutritional value of food, ensuring food safety, and finding smart, sustainable solutions to feed a growing population.


Unique Food Packaging Solutions

DuPont resin, Surlyn, and other packaging innovations maintain food safety, providing new ways to bring nutrition to food insecure regions.  See how our partner, MixPack brings milk to Chihuahua, Mexico.


Science at its Best

Unlike other farmers in the area, Zeka Twoboy experienced an abundant harvest despite difficult growing conditions in Malawi. See how his experience with DuPont Pioneer seeds inspired him to travel 400 kilometers to share his story.

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  1. 4H planting seeds for the future is very interesting, in Honduras we dont have 4H but lots of necessities we lack, can we do a project like this in Honduras. Sincerely Roberto Castillo

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