Paul Schickler on Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Industry

Last week Paul Schickler, president of DuPont Pioneer, wrote a brief article for the Huffington Post on entrepreneurship and the agricultural industry in anticipation of the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialog.  In his blog post, Schickler suggests:

“… Agriculture today presents more opportunities for entrepreneurs than any other industry – and the personal reward of helping to feed the world is great. Consider this: nearly 100 percent of graduates from agricultural programs at universities like Iowa State University and Illinois State University were offered jobs upon graduation. That should be enticing to job seekers and employers alike. But to sustain global food security, let alone improve it in the coming decades, we need more talented professionals seeking careers in agriculture. Following models like Brazil, countries need to devote shrewd focus to attracting talent and providing agricultural education and resources to farmers. Additionally, we need to consider opportunities for collaboration to support the industry that will improve food security and lead to job growth. The World Food Prize Global Youth Institute is an example of these elements combined. This youth education program promotes agricultural leadership through a public-private collaboration that DuPont Pioneer is proud to support”.

Read more at The Huffington Post here.

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