Food Security Index Launched

UPDATE: Thank you for joining us, the Food Security Index Livestream has finished. Please check back here for more highlights and follow the action throughout the day on Twitter by following @DuPont_News and using the #foodsecurity hashtag. If you missed the livestream, check out the launch of the Food Security Index video below.

On July 10th, DuPont hosted events around the world in the United States, Belgium, South Africa and Brazil to discuss the global, economic and security ramifications of a growing world population, its impact on food production and hunger, and how this new Index can be used to guide the development of food security solutions.

Learn more about the index and access all the data from it on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s web page here:



2 thoughts on “Food Security Index Launched

  1. Hi Carol, We are sorry you weren't able to view the livestream. Please check back on this site often as we will be posting a few updates from the Global Food Security Index launch in the coming weeks.

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