Food Security in Bangladesh

There is no doubt that food security is becoming a significant issue as our global population grows exponentially. This is a challenge that only gets more difficult to solve as our world becomes more and more overcrowded.

Dhaka streets in Bangladesh
Dhaka streets in Bangladesh. Photo via flickr from Ahron de Leeuw

Consider Bangladesh, a nation of over 164 million people that produces an almost self-reliant amount of grain and yet the people of this growing country still struggle to find enough food to feed themselves.  USAID reports that 43% of children under 5 have had growth stunts due to a continuous lack of access to nutritious food and have poor eating habits.  Furthermore, recent natural disasters like floods, droughts and cyclones have plagued a nation that attributes nearly 20% of its GDP to agriculture.

In a small nation with more citizens than Russia; companies, NGOs and other organizations need to work together to discover real world solutions to this growing problem.  Without significant on-the-ground research in collaboration with scientists, farmers, agriculturalists and citizens these solutions may never go beyond an idea.

Organizations such as The International Food Policy Research Institute have already been addressing issues in Bangladesh and have identified three main areas to focus a robust food security framework:

1.  Agricultural research and extension
2.  Improved access of farmers to well-functioning markets
3.  Improved insurance and targeted social safety net programs for vulnerable groups, especially undernourished women and children.

These three focus areas identified by IFPRI share many commonalities with DuPont’s food goals; Innovating to feed the world, engaging and educating youth and improving rural communities

DuPont is committed to solving this evolving global problem from Bangladesh throughout the rest of the world.  For the latest information and updates on Food Security, check out the worldwide discussion on the #FoodSecurity Twitter hashtag.

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