Sustainability in Food

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Scaling Up Food Security

Pedro Sanchez, director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center at Columbia University’s Earth Institute and 2002 World Food Prize laureate, believes that we must look to private businesses for food security solutions. Government programs can’t “scale up” the way the private sector can. The Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation & Productivity 2014 report addresses this very real need. Find the report here.

Changing the Food Security Conversation – Video

Charlotte Hebebrand, director general of the International Fertilizer Industry Association, discusses the complexity of food security. It’s no longer just a question of quantity of food for growing global populations, but a question of quality, too. The DuPont Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation & Productivity continues to call for greater emphasis on nutrition and health as part of addressing the issues of food security. Find the report here.

Agricultural Investment Spurs Economic Growth, Nigeria

Over the past 50 years, Nigeria has transitioned from strong agricultural producer to a leading importer of food. In order to address the needs of its growing population, Nigeria began investing in its agricultural infrastructure through market  driven initiatives. These efforts will save $254 billion Naira yearly, while creating millions of new jobs. To learn more about the state of food and nutrition security, see the 2014 report update from the Advisory Committee on Agricultural Innovation & Productivity.

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